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Introduction, and some new cat advice please.....

I'm Lysa.

I currently have three cats. Two female, and one male. Akasha and Enkil are the girls, they are 18 months old, me and my housemate have had them since kittens. Enkil is black and White, and Akasha is all black with a white spot on her chest. We adore them, and they are spoiled!

The newest addition to our household is Sox. He is a rescue kitty, and is thought to be around 2-3 years old. He is black with four white paws, and a white moustache. We are really crossing our fingers that he fits in, because he's a  gorgeous cat, extremely calm and sociable, and he deserves a second chance in a new home.

So, I am really hoping for a happy household at the moment. I was just wandering what techniques people have used for introducing a new cat to the household, and what experiences/advice you would have for doing that successfully.

Sox is currently living in the spare room while he settles in. We have been using a separation technique to get very slowly get them accustomed to eachother, and get the girls to accept Sox into the household. Basically, according to various cat books we read through, the idea is to keep the new cat in a spare room, and let the resident cats investigate by sniffing the door. The slowly you start to switch the bedding and foodbowls of the new cat with the resident cats so that they get used to his smell being a part of the envioronment. The next stage is to put the resident cats in one room, and let the new cat sniff round the rest of the house before returning them to their room, and vice versa the resident cats get to sniff the new cats room. Eventually, after all this has gone well, let them meet by opening the door very slightly, and maybe fedding them all together by the new cats door, for increasing times each day until they are comfortable with eachother. 
We make sure we give Sox lots of play time and attention so that he doesn't feel being in the room is a punishment, whilst still having normal playtime and mealtimes with the others, to keep them feeling secure.

This is kind of a long-winded method, but I think it makes a lot of sense so as not to stress that cats out too much or cause lots of fighting. Has anyone done anything similar to this before?

Thanks for reading if you got this far!
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