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Kitten in Los Angeles needs a home TODAY

Click the picture for a bigger view.

This little kitty has had a very stressful night. His mother abandoned him in our yard last night and wasn't fed again until this afternoon. He is a very healthy little boy, with the cutest little face and blue eyes (kittens' eyes are blue when they first open until they fade into their natural color). I'm estimating that he's about two to three weeks old; he has NOT been weaned yet, but should be able to start eating soaked kitten food in the next week or so.

Should you accept this adorable little guy into your home, you're accepting full responsibility. Since he's a stray he hasn't seen a vet, and he will need shots and to be neutered at some point. Until he can defecate on his own you'll also have to stimulate that movement for him. You'll also be getting his little feed bottle and a container of feed mix so he can eat until he starts eating soaked kitten food.

This isn't a job for someone who isn't an extreme cat lover, but he's absolutely adorable and I'm positive he'll be a lovely pet. Though he is a stray kitten, he's young enough that he'll be very easy to acclimate to human interaction; he's already started recognizing and coming toward me, even, when he sees me.

He's a dark brown, very soft, and extremely sweet. I CAN'T KEEP HIM LONGER THAN TODAY. If you want him we must meet today and hand him over; if I can't find an owner for him he'll have to go to the pound and there's no guarantee that he'll live, since they aren't partial to unweaned kittens.

Please help this poor little guy out! If you're interested in taking him I'll take more photos of him; he finally fell asleep and I didn't want to wake him.

He woke up:

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